Bringing People Together For A Good Time

As humans, we are social. There’s no doubt about it. After a long day at work, nothing beats meeting with great friends for a fun game and to share our thoughts on new ideas or topics. We strive to enjoy life, but we also continue to push ourselves to improve the things that are important to us.

At ClubMikeV, here is how we work and play:

ClubMikeV started out as a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching new casino patrons and regular slot players how to play video poker. We have since expanded to include all poker games more broadly. The ClubMikeV Poker League is a growing poker club with free Texas Hold’em tournaments every week. These tournaments are regularly streamed on the ClubMikeV YouTube channel. The club is open to anyone and is a great way to learn how to play poker and make new friends along the way!

Having delayed gratification and a low time preference is essential for one to improve in health and finance. Mike’s successful diet and exercise plan resulted in a loss of over 30 lbs in six months, which makes it an excellent guideline for anyone looking to start improving their own health.

Money is half of every transaction you make in your entire life. It is important that people understand the history of money and how it works. Unfortunately, there are common misconceptions about money and banking today that people still believe in. We think that proper financial education will help improve the individual’s ability to make better financial choices.

We love and support the adoption of Bitcoin! As development of the Bitcoin Network continues with each passing year, we encourage people to consider how they can incorporate bitcoin into their own lives. We predict that in the future, bitcoin will be used globally as a superior method for savings and payments than what is currently used and available.

Given that Bitcoin is still very new to a majority of people, we advise most folks to look up various online resources to start their journey down the bitcoin rabbit hole. We are happy to answer any questions to help you along the way.

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