Be Inspired. Have Fun. #PlayOn.

The ClubMikeV brand started with a clear vision – to bring fun, excitement, and good vibes to a diverse group of elite customers around the world. Our motto displays the core values of our brand. We know that negative attitudes lead to confusion and a feeling of defeat, which we get enough of already in our mundane daily lives.


ClubMikeV has strong roots in the gambling industry. Our founder, Michael, has been exposed to gambling halls and casino games since his youth and has maintained a strong fascination with the industry. Knowledge of the games as a gaming patron combined with his entrepreneurial spirit allows him to see how the industry works from all sides.
At ClubMikeV, we are advocates for fair play. On our website, we promote online gambling websites that we believe abide by our principles of fair play. Rules that are easy to understand and debts that are honored within these rules are of upmost importance to building trust between the customer and the gambling site. We also believe that casino gamblers should have access to the strategies on each of their favorite games in order to reduce as possible the misinformation and fallacies of years past and to promote responsible gambling.

Clubs and Social Groups

While gaming is a core part of our brand, we love it better when we can play with our friends. We think it is much more fun to play with the company of others, or even just watching our friends play, as opposed to playing alone. Our vision in this sphere is to provide an environment where people can meet, socialize, and have fun. Immerse yourself in happiness and escape the boredom of your daily routine.

Elite Finance

It does not hurt to flaunt our money and success every once in a while, but there is no need to be stupid when it comes to personal finance. With revolutionary personal coaching in financial management, we hope to inspire you to apply new ideas about money into your life so you can continue to enjoy everything our world offers while maintaining and improving your wealth.