What type of gambler are you?

I’m very observant during my casino visits. This has made me aware of the demographics of those who gamble. If I were to stand in the middle of your average casino and get a panoramic view of the action, I would be convinced that I am the youngest person in the room. I am 24 years old – and I see no one that seems to be close to my age. Why is that?

It would be nice to think that the reason why is because young people realize that in most games, the house always wins – so they skip the casino altogether to save money, but I don’t think that’s true. One might say that the trend is that millennials are more likely to play games where there is an element of skill. This is probably why when I do see a person in his/her 20s, it is usually at the poker table or at the sportsbook – and while there are professional poker players and sports bettors in their 20s, most of them are still amateurs. Also let’s face it – EVERY MAN, regardless of age – loves watching sports and sports betting has existed for as long as sports have. Yet when I look at the sportsbook or as I observe my opponents while seated at the poker table, the age range is still on the older side of the spectrum.

However, I do have a hypothesis. I think it is because most young people do not have the funds necessary to risk. Think about it – in America, people are graduating college with an enormous amount of student loan debt. A recent grad is busy working to pay off that debt and in some sad scenarios, it is taking two jobs to do it! It makes me wonder how intelligent they really were for borrowing all that money.

Of course, there are a wide range of factors and variables. Plus with the internet, online gambling can be a cheap alternative to land-based casinos. Ultimately, this may result in an increase of young people who may not have much of a clue on how popular casino games work – how to best play them, what the odds are, etc. That’s one reason why this website exists – to provide information about the different games, the many online gambling websites, and to make it all transparent and understandable to the average reader.

If you are young, just turned 18 or 21, or even if you are not and are just starting to gamble at an older age, I have a question: what type of gambler are you? There are three genres of gambling – casino, poker, and sports betting. Do you prefer luck or skilled based games? Do you like to wager on the outcomes of events? Are you risk averse? How much variance can you handle? It will be interesting to see what your response is to see if it confirms any of my suspicions.

In upcoming posts, I will be doing game reviews of different casino games. They might be table games, slot machines, video poker games, or poker variants – all of which will be demonstrated at an online casino or poker site that I currently (or plan to) promote with a companion video posted to my YouTube channel. If you want to get updates on the first such post, sign up for my email newsletter on the right sidebar. You may also subscribe to my YouTube channel for new gaming videos.

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  1. On Video Poker Deluxe, I held just the jack of clubs, aaand… a flush happened.